With over €9.2 billion in annual sales revenue, and around 32K employees worldwide, JA Solar is one of top four manufacturers in the photovoltaic industry worldwide.  Used in both residential and commercial applications, the JA Solar module offers excellent performance, even in extreme temperature cond

Hyundai Corporation, founded in 1947, stands as a global pioneer dedicated to advancing the renewable energy sector. With over 2.6 billion euro in sales revenue, the reliability of the brand is echoed in the 30-year product and performance warranty which they offer. The cutting-edge shingled technology pr

Victron Energy, founded in 1975, specialises in providing solutions for self-sufficient electrical power circumstances, often referred to as “Off-Grid” systems. Such scenarios include automotive, marine and agricultural applications.  The Victron Energy Modules perform exceptionally in low-li

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Change how the world works with Biotellus, made for ecology enthusiasts.

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