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Underfloor Heating

At Solar Solutions, we offer top-quality electric underfloor heating systems from the renowned Warmup brand. Whether for a cozy home, a luxurious hotel, or a well-equipped gym, the gentle warmth emitted by an underfloor heating system is truly unparalleled in comfort.
This comfort is twofold;
  • Vertical Heat Stratification:
Traditional heating systems heat the air in a room, often resulting in a sensation of stuffiness and the discomfort of having a warm upper body and cold feet. Additionally, the heat tends to be concentrated in a small area, such as near a radiator. In contrast, underfloor heating systems efficiently warm a room from the ground up, ensuring your feet stay pleasantly warm while maintaining a cooler temperature at head level, aligning perfectly with our body’s natural preferences.
  • Radiant Heat:

Radiant heat gently and evenly warms us in the same way as the sun; it mimics the type of warmth we associate with a perfect Summer’s day; warm, but not stuffy. Rather than warming the air in the room, radiant heat technology warms the people in a space with infrared energy creating a soothing and comfortable environment.

Is underfloor heating an efficient option?

There is often a misconception that underfloor heating is more energy consuming than traditional heating systems. The radiant heat it provides allows for the same level of warmth to be achieved at lower temperatures which enhances energy efficiency. However, to fully reap the benefits of this energy-saving potential, it’s crucial not to overheat the room in an attempt to maintain the familiar ambient air temperature associated with conventional heating.
Naturally, the actual energy savings will vary based on factors such as insulation, usage patterns, and personal preferences and requirements. Additionally, the cost of the power source should be taken into consideration.
Given the many variables at play, providing a universally applicable rule of thumb is challenging. However, as a general guideline, Warmup insulated underfloor heating can provide energy savings of approximately 10-15% when compared to conventional electric heating.

Heat Mats

The heat mat chosen depends on the type of flooring to be installed.

For installation under ceramic tile or stone floors, the PVC heat mat is recommended. They are available in 150W/mand 200W/m2 heat outputs to accommodate different requirements. For installation under laminate flooring, a foil heater system is used. This is available in 140W/m2 heat output.

Both types of heat mats are ideal for large and regular shaped areas.

Controllers & Thermostats

Our range of controllers include manual controllers, programmable controllers and smart controllers. The
type chosen would depend on the buyer’s needs.


These are the most advanced type of controllers. Enabled with internet connectivity, these controllers are paired with smartphone apps which allow users to control their underfloor heating systems remotely.

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These controllers are more advanced than the manual option, as they allow users to program heating to be switched on or off at certain temperatures. This is a great way to work towards energy saving heating.

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These controllers offer basic temperature control. One can easily set the required temperature, and let the controller do the rest. Best suited for rooms where heating is used infrequently, or where no timers are needed.

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