Photovoltaic Panels and Battery Systems

At Solar Solutions Ltd, we can assist in the design and implementation of both on-grid and off-grid photovoltaic (PV) systems. Working with quality suppliers, our aim is to ensure that our clients are provided with a system that is best suited to their unique needs. Our team will carry out a site visit at no cost to assess the roof space available and also analyse your energy consumption to determine the right solution for your home or business.
We rely exclusively on our team of highly skilled, trained in-house solar installers, ensuring that your project is carried out by dedicated professionals who are committed to delivering the highest quality service. We do not engage subcontractors in our domestic operations to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Government grants are available for the installation of residential on-grid systems. Solar Solutions will seamlessly support you throughout the grant application process, streamlining your experience to secure the highest possible refund with minimal effort on your part. For more information on currently available incentives, please refer to our FAQ page.

On-Grid Systems

An on-grid system is a PV system which is connected to the electricity supplier’s distribution network, or ‘grid‘. In Malta the grid belongs to Enemalta Corporation.
With an on-grid system, there is an option to add an energy storage system (known as a battery system).
The electricity generated by the PV system will either be consumed by the household or sold to the grid. If a battery system is present, the excess electricity generated during the day will be stored in the battery for use in the evening when no electricity is being generated by the system. Investing in a battery system can yield substantial financial savings on your electricity bill.

Back-Up Systems

For an on-grid PV system with batteries using a hybrid inverter, we are also able to offer the option to install a Back-Up System. This system automatically detects an Enemalta power cut and switches over to back-up mode. This will supply emergency power to the critical loads, meaning you will never need to worry about a power cut again.


If a wireless internet connection is available on site, our installers will be able to connect your system to the internet, which will in turn allow you to monitor your PV system’s energy production in real-time. The site also notifies you of any available updates, or possible faults, to keep your mind at rest that your system is running smoothly.

Off-Grid Systems

An off-grid or ‘standalone’ system is less common than on-grid systems. Commonly used in automotive, marine, and agricultural applications, this system is able to produce and store power independently from the Enemalta grid. Often the installation of an off-grid PV system proves more cost-effective than extending the power lines in remote locations.
The system is identical to an on-grid system, however instead of being connected to the Enemalta grid, the power is stored in batteries; lithium or deep cycle SLA batteries.

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