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The SIEMENS SIELINE ECO solar water heater is a high performing and durable product, using marine grade 316L stainless steel for the internal tank. Manufactured in Greece with the strictest quality standards, the solar water heaters are made to withstand the Mediterranean climate and hold the highest European SolarKeyMark certificates.
Being in the centre of the Mediterranean, we are lucky enough to see very high levels of sunshine throughout the year over the Maltese Islands. This, in turn, contributes to a high level of performance from solar water heaters. We are able to estimate that a solar water heater user will save around 80% of the cost of running an electric boiler. For an average family of 4 this will translate in savings of €350-€800 annually (at current prices).
The solar water heaters are also equipped with a backup element that is able to heat the water electrically. Of course, this will only need to be used on the odd occasion when there is no sun to heat the water.
Quality does not come at a high price. All our SIEMENS SIELINE models are fully eligible for the €1400 refund from the Regulator for Energy and Water Services (REWS) and also for a €500 refund on maintenance costs for the first 5 years..
Our solar water heaters are certified with the Solar Keymark to the following standards; EN 12976-1:2017, EN 12976-2:2017, EN12975-1:2006, and ISO 9806:2013. This standard encompasses tests for a complete solar heating system; the solar panels (collectors), supporting frame, hot water tank, electric heater(element), safety equipment and controls. The tests included in this standard are intended to provide for the durability, reliability and safety of the complete solar heating system. Apart from this, this standard also includes; pressure tests for the hot water tank and the collector loop piping, over temperature protection, specifications for the supporting frame (locally this is a galvanised steel structure with electrostatic paint to protect from the elements), safety requirements, requirements for electrical circuits, prevention of water back flow, and requirements for scald protection.

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The model of solar water heater chosen depends on the number of people residing at the premises, and the amount of hot water used daily. We offer 150L, 200L and 300L models:

150L Model

200L Model

300L Model

For technical information regarding our solar water heater range, please access the data sheet here.

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